did someone say cake?

At Layered, we believe that quality trumps all. Silky smooth swiss meringue buttercream, freshly squeezed juices, from-scratch syrups, homemade caramels, ripe berries, and premium chocolate ensure that each bite is as indulgent as the last. No shortcuts here. Spoil your taste buds – they deserve it.

Orange Passion Fruit

orange poppy seed cake
+ passion fruit buttercream
+ passion fruit simple syrup

Blueberry Lemon

blueberry buttermilk cake 
+ lemon curd buttercream
+ lemon simple syrup

Rosewater Pistachio

vanilla cake
+ pistachio buttercream
+ crushed pistachios
+ rosewater simple syrup

Strawberry Champagne

vanilla cake
+ strawberry buttercream  
+ strawberry compote
+ champagne simple syrup

White Chocolate Raspberry

vanilla cake
+ raspberry buttercream
+ raspberry compote
+ white chocolate ganache

Cardamom Espresso

dark chocolate cake
+ cardamon espresso buttercream
+ crushed espresso beans
+ espresso ganache

Chocolate Coconut

dark chocolate cake
+ coconut buttercream
+ toasted coconut

CAKE pricing

stacked Round cakes (2-tiers to 5-tiers)

*Price will increase from base price shown depending on difficulty of design

Buttercream: Starts at 7$ per serving
Fondant: Starts at 9$ per serving

Single-Tiered Round Cakes

*Additional fee of $5-20 for fresh floral arrangement

**Sheet cakes are covered in buttercream, un-decorated, and pre-scored

Vanilla Bean

vanilla cake
+ vanilla bean buttercream


dark chocolate cake 
+ vanilla bean buttercream
+ chocolate ganache

Maple Spiced Pear

spiced pear cake
+ maple cinnamon buttercream
+ praline pecans
+ bourbon simple syrup

Salted Caramel

dark chocolate cake 
+ salted caramel buttercream 
+ toffee bits
+ Bailey's simple syrup

Mexican Chocolate

dark chocolate cayenne cinnamon cake 
+ cinnamon buttercream

Chocolate Salted Caramel

dark chocolate cake
+ salted caramel buttercream
+ toffee bits
+ Bailey's Irish Cream simple syrup