Dessert menu

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The only thing that we love as much as cake is dessert. At Layered, we offer a wide range of dessert options; we offer classic desserts that would look beautiful on any dessert table, and a more playful selection which are a modern take on some of our childhood faves.

Meringue Stacks

vanilla-bean meringues
+ raspberry buttercream
+ fresh raspberries
+ freeze-dried raspberries

Cookie Stacks

vanilla almond sugar cookies 
+ strawberry buttercream

Strawberry Tower

fresh strawberries
+ Ghirardelli white chocolate
+ fresh flowers

Dipped Strawberries

fresh strawberries
+ Ghirardelli white chocolate

Cream Puffs

mascarpone whipped cream
+ strawberry preserves
+ choux pastry


vanilla-bean custard
+ choux pastry

Chocolate Bark

rose almond
pistachio raspberry


meringue shell
+ mascarpone whipped cream
+ seasonal fresh fruit

Lemon Tarts

lemon curd
+ raspberry preserves
+ shortbread tart shell

Chocolate Tarts

dark chocolate ganache
+ raspberry preserves
+ chocolate tart shell

Fruit Tarts

vanilla-bean custard
+ seasonal fruit
+ shortbread tart shell

Chocolate Mousse Cups

dark chocolate mousse
+ chocolate cake 

Cheesecake Cups

graham cracker crust 
+ whipped cheesecake filling
+ lemon zest

Sugar Cookies

vanilla almond

 Cake Donuts

orange almond
+ vanilla glaze

Cake Gems

Ghirardelli white chocolate
+ cake filling
 (chocolate coconut OR chocolate hazelnut OR salted caramel)

Chocolate Dipped Oreos

Ghirardelli white chocolate
+ oreo cookies


raspberry white chocolate
toasted coconut
dark chocolate mint

Artfetti Macarons

We have partnered with Artfetti Cakes
to bring you delicious custom flavors
crafted exclusively for
Layered Cake Artistry


puff pastry
+ blackberry cassis buttercream
+ fresh blackberries


assorted flavors

Cake Cones

sugar cone
+ cake pop filling
+ buttercream

Chocolate Dipped Pretzels

Ghirardelli white chocolate
+ salted pretzel rod

Rice Krispie Pops

Ghirardelli white chocolate
+ Rice Krispie treat

Dessert Pricing

* 10% discount on orders of 500$ or more